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I help small business owners and creates with brand and marketing strategy.

Word from past clients

Caio Bottura

Julia was extremely professional with her work, she helped me understand what really is branding and what type of identity would be the most appropriate for me and my image. She gave many suggestions and was fairly quick to present the final product, I couldn’t recommend her more.

antti kangasaho

Antti Kangasaho

Working with Julia was a breeze from the start. With some background information of me she easily grasped what my brand would be about. She knows her stuff and I really appreciated that she is not afraid to ask you the hard questions and seamlessly make you think about your brand and develop yourself while working with her.

Instagram Reviews

I review my followers’ Instagrams and give an assessment on how they can improve their brand, communication, and visuals every week, for free. 

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