About Me

A Brazilian strategist in Finland

Mixing the light, resilience, and happiness from Brazilians to the minimalism, honesty, and down to earthiness from the nordics.

Origin story.

I am from the sunny shores of Rio de Janeiro, but based in Finland, I have a passion for the country, the simplicity, the bluntness and of course, the minimalism.. I want to see what unites us as people through the lens of brand strategy, business, and, of course, design.

I started very early with Design, I was just 13, and encouraged by a failry artistic inclined, entrepreneurial parents. It’s definitely a magical mix to have a foot in the creative world and one in the business. What kept me learning Design and other forms of arts was really passion and curiosity, and a need to express myself. 

But then I discovered strategy. And strategy was the binder between the two worlds for me, and I hope to bring that to your firm.

After moving to Finland and working as a freelance brand designer for almost a decade, I set out to build my own agency. I also have the mission to help the next generation of creatives and extend that knowledge to other business owners who might benefit from the information shared in my channels, launch amazing products and services in the market and help people connect with their people.

“Your stream of consciousness saved my arse.” Z.

“I feel almost enlightened about what you do, and it has given me a much [?] for what you are doing and HOW you are doing it!” K.

“Your slides, and even the strategy framework is MAGIC!” — K.

Nurturing culture and meeting business goals

One of the biggest lessons in business is that, despite being yours to lead, it’s not about you. It’s actually about all the people you are trying to serve. For me, it’s the people I serve, and the people they serve.

My vision in life is actually to share those experiences with other people, and the best way I can do that is to help create way. Imagine if everyone got a chance to experience at least one extraordinary moment a day?

Ever since I moved to Finland, I have increased my awareness of what makes creativity and business tick together. It might be that your audience expects something from you that you aren’t develiring. But it might also be something you are doing right now that seems old to them and may need revitalization. It might be you need to make it easier for them to contact you or buy from you. See how there’s a gap between what you might be doing and what they want? Let’s bridge that gap together.

You are one step away from a better brand, influx of clients, or you might be one mistake away from shutting down your business entirely. My job is to show you how to unite strategy and brand design in a way that is cohesive, structured, and creative. Let’s bring the passion and flair that you only see from the sunny shores of Rio de Janeiro.

I love to bring the passion and flare of your business with our culture and love for problem solving together to craft a new feeling for your customers and clients.

Let's work together