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Raise your brand's Standards in 4 steps

I help European and Brazilian businesses raise their profits through a new brand awareness and effectiviness. We build an effective long term plan, a road map, for you and your team to follow in order to reach your business’ goals.

This is for you if...

  • You don't know who your ideal customers are
  • You feel like your brand isn't communicating effectively with your ideal customers
  • Your brand's communication is all over the place (internally and externally)
  • Your team doesn't know what you are about


Caio Bottura

Julia was extremely professional with her work, she helped me understand what really is branding and what type of identity would be the most appropriate for me and my image. She gave many suggestions and was fairly quick to present the final product, I couldn’t recommend her more.

antti kangasaho

Antti Kangasaho

Working with Julia was a breeze from the start. With some background information of me she easily grasped what my brand would be about. She knows her stuff and I really appreciated that she is not afraid to ask you the hard questions and seamlessly make you think about your brand and develop yourself while working with her.


A 6-8h meeting split in 2 parts that will cover all the main concerns of your business. we will use our time together to unlock opportunities and reallocate your resources smartly to overcome difficulties that are stopping your brand from reaching its maximum potential.

Setting the goals of our workshop

Before our workshop, we will decide what are the most important issues for us to tackle on the workshop. Goals can be such as: unify the communications of the brand, set tone of voice, find who the ideal clients and audience are, etc.

Seeting the dates of our workshop

Our workshop will happen in 2 parts, and we will set the date of the first part right away. It's important to have everyone on board! We are here for this, and having an engaged team is important.


After our workshops, I will collect some data from your company with your permission and do some complementary research. If necessary, we can run researches with your customers, clients and audience as well. You may choose to get the research in PDF at the end of the process.


You will be delivered a long term roadmap, unique to your brand and niche in a presentation and PDF format. You will also receive any insights I gather in the process! Roadmap will be delivered in a way that will be tactical and practical, allowing you to start applying right away.


  • A recording of your workshop
  • A PDF with research and insights
  • A PDF with your roadmap
  • 3 month free faciliation support
  • Reduced rates on consultations that help you further
  • Knowledge on your buyer and audience
  • Brand Messaging

3-5 weeks for completion depending on your availability

About The strategist

Julia Braga

Brazilian living in Finland, she’s a brand and digital strategist at heart, and an awarded one. Obsessed with systems and creativity, learning about what makes people think, cultures, and well, a plant mom as well. She is building her own lean agency while working with clients. She is also a partner in her 4-decade, 3-generation family business and Brazil. She also educates over 15.000 creatives via Instagram on strategy, mindset, and business.

“I was born to two entrepreneurial parents who are constantly bettering themselves. I truly believe creatives can benefit from the same knowledge and mindset I’ve developed. It just takes time.”

I know you've got questions

So here’s a quick FAQ

The meeting will be held online! We will use Zoom.

Never. In fact, we will sign an NDA so that it protects your analytics, insights, and research. I will, however, retain the right to make a case study with your results later on if I desire, but we will discuss this before signing a contract!

All meetings are recorded for consultation later on. You will receive the link to review the meeting as well with your team if you desire. The meetings are recorded and shared privately online, and never with anyone else “not in the room”.

I give a turn around of one month, but in certain cases it can be more, or even less. This will be discussed in our meeting! It depends, basically.

Honestly? No. The only guarantees I can give you are:

  • my team will work hard to draw the best plan for you
  • you will get the best and clearest service possible to facilitate your implementation
  • we cut the fluff: if we think something’s wrong, we will say it
  • we will check on you regularly to solve any roadblocks you might receive (inevitable)
  • we will be here in a consultation basis in case you need as well

Pricing will be calculated in the next page. You will be required to make a deposit right away. Don’t worry, we can add to your project if needed!

Brand strategy is a broad concept that even branding experts stutter to explain. My favorite definition is:

A long term plan that affects the entire organization, while looking to align visual, interpersonal, and sensorial communications between employees, management, retailers, suppliers, audience, customers and clientele, allowing reallocation of resources in order to hit company predefined sales and market awareness goals.

Brand strategy solves a broad range of internal and external communications problems, such as not knowing who your clients are, how to speak to an audience, how to give your business voice, how to make your business stand out. Brand strategy isn’t just positioning! I made a cool post about it.

Start making a difference with your brand

My goal is to 270.000 businesses make a difference in their industries, are you gonna be one? I’m excited to see what’s in store for your brand and how many doors we can unlock together!


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