Courses & Frameworks

Learn how to build a successful business

Ever wondered why your business doesn’t go anywhere? Well, here’s a bundle to help you out. A giant collection of eBooks, worksheets, videos, templates, and planners to help you in the long term.

This framework was created for creatives in mind. By definition, if you are a strategist, writer, designer, marketer, illustrator, painter, baker, cook, photographer, musician... (You get the point) this is for you!

Learn the basics of brand strategy

Get started in the world of brand strategy with my framework. The Expansion set contains an ebook and multiple worksheets which will let you apply the ebook knowledge right away on client work or on your own brand.

The ebook was written with people interested in learning brand strategy. Whether you are a designer looking to get into strategy, a marketer trying to learn more about strategy, or a founder of a start up who needs to bootsrap brand strategy, this ebook and set of worksheets will help you!