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Let's work together.

branding is what they talk about you when you aren't in the room.

Hi! I’m glad you are interested in working together. I’m happy to help you however I can! Just to give you a bit of context, here’s who I am and what I do:

I make faces and solve problems.

I’m the founder of a creative strategy studio focused on packaging, called Truu Studio, as well as family businesseses.

Here, I want to help YOU get to your brand goals by creating content, such as worksheets, mini workshops and bundles known as frameworks that you can apply to your business.

Or we can go one on one, where you and I chat about your business and your struggles, goals and wins, as mentor and mentee. I can also come to your organisation and do a strategy orkshop to uncover some insights about your business and facilitate change.

But what is right for you? It depends. You can start with products, free content and workshops, and see it for yourself. But if you would rather have someone to be accountable for and to push you harder, then we can hop on a call. I’d say that the products are best if you are starting out as a creativepreneur or otherwise, but if you have an established brand and need more personalised and bespoke insights, let’s go one on one.


Go Personal


Get accountability

Let’s get into the nits and grits of your business, and personalised to dos and breakthoughs for you. Perfect for established freelancers, solopreneurs and small business owners.

Starting at 150€/h


Get everyone on board

Let’s seat on the table and chat about your business’ challenges, and create value for your business. Uncover what’s holding you back and create gateways to achieve your goals. Perfect for growing small businesses and medium businesses.

Starting at 5000€ per 3h session to up to 5 team members.