Digital transformation

I help Brazilian or EU based retail and service businesses connect with their audience, realign their brand, and sell more.

Building a more resilient brand for you.

Strategy is all about creating resilient, long term, profitable changes. We all know the importance of branding by now, and let’s not waste our time with one-off trades that will not take your business anywhere. Here, we talk sense, research, and build, not patch.

If you are a start up, our best option is to make a sprint. We unite forces to go through a workshop that will help you gain clarity and direction for your brand. If you are a small business without funding or a solopreneur, let’s go on a call and get to know what your situation is and how we can build your brand.

“Your stream of consciousness saved my arse.” Z.

“I feel almost enlightened about what you do, and it has given me a much [?] for what you are doing and HOW you are doing it!” K.

“Your slides, and even the strategy framework is MAGIC!” — K.

Launching a product online or offline can be a scary thing.

I’m not sure if it’s the same for you, but when I started out, the thought of lauching anything was scary. That’s just normal and we can easily offset fear with strategy and movement (aka experimentation). Just imagine if you could have the certainty you would be doing everything you could to launch your product (or service) to an ideal audience, building meaninful relationship with your followers, and growing your brand? Most people think there’s a science behind it — there’s, sorta — but it’s more about movement, communication, creativity, and of course, 

I have a passion for experiencing different ideas, cultures, and businesses, so whenever you are ready to build a partnership, I will be here.

The process is optimized for efficience and a fast passing market.

It doesn’t matter if you have a local business, if you are an one man shop, a full team… lauching a new brand or product on the market carries risks. I don’t know about you, but I like to minimize risks. Context can change really fast, tools can stop working, payment processing services can go offline or glitch… There are many variables and the need to know what to do next, and whilst we can’t plan for every situation, we can cover and work on the most probable situations to ensure that we reach the goal of your strategy.

Want to learn brand strategy?

There are many brand strategies frameworks out there. I always encourage everyone who asks me the question “How do I start with Brand Strategy?” to experiment the different frameworks. 

In my Instagram, I give a lot of tips and “real talk” moments to align your mindset and your goals in order to learn and offer brand and digital strategy as a service. 

Strat It Up! is perfect if you are starting out.

I’ve published an ebook that will help you start out — from mindset to execution. It covers the basics of strategy, perspectives, tools, and gives you tools to apply it right away on your brand or with clients.

Build a successful business. Start with you.

Together with my audience and friends, I’ve developed a framework that will help you find your purpose, help you develop better habits, work on building an audience, set streams of revenue, systems and grow your accounts.

Download the pdf with insights about the process

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