Mini Chat: Tom Ross


Tom Ross is the founder and CEO at Design Cuts, the worlds most high quality marketplace for designers. He also mentors thousands of designers to earn more doing what they love.


You have a super online platform to buy design items, I'm a huge fan of your bundles! What are the systems behind the running of an online business such as yours?

Thanks so much! We have an awesome team of researchers, curators, relationship managers and product champions putting it all live. It takes an army!


Who are your business and design heroes, and what are some of the lessons you carry with you?

Gary Vee and Steve Bartlett. Love their ethos on work, kindness and being disruptive.


What do you wish you knew when you started DC? How would it have changed the course of the business?

How to hire. I could shortcut 5 years in 1 with my current experience, but that’s hindsight for ya!


I would love to hear your take on purpose, envisioning your future, setting goals and acting on them.

I have my macro life goals and my day to day craziness. Nothing in between. Not big on quarterly or monthly goals.


What are the strategies behind selling and marketing digital products?

Make amazing, unique, valuable products. Get them in front of relevant buyers in interesting ways.


My audience is avid for books. What are your top 3 recs and what are you reading currently?

This is Marketing, The Thank You Economy, Building a Story Brand.

"This is Marketing" by Seth Godin
"Building a Story Brand" Donald Miller
"The Thank You Economy" by Gary Vaynerchuk


What's a day like in Tom's world?

As CEO mainly strategy, meetings and lots of business development calls. My side hustle means producing a lot of content and community management. I’m not super organised, but I love my sleep!


Work examples that you are proud of:

Honestly I try to position my efforts to be proud of everything I’m building. I’m proud of the millions we’ve earned for our designer partners; I’m proud of the individuals I help mentor every day.

Tom Ross — Special Guest

Tom Ross — Special Guest

Tom is the founder of Design Cuts and a super cool dude!

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