Let's review your Instagram profile, strategically.

I want to give you guys the space to learn and make tangible, contextual changes to your marketing. Submit your Instagram account bellow for a review which will be published to my YouTube channel!


  • Must be a follower of @thejuliabraga (I want to benefit my audience directly)
  • Must have at least 30 posts published
  • Must be a professional account where you publish business related content (doesn’t matter if it is set to Personal, Business or Creator)
  • In case you don’t have your account set to Business or Creator, your page must be public.
  • You must be okay with sheer direct, honest, and strategic feedback. I’m doing this so you can improve, not to stroke egos.

Other notes:
It’s ok if you aren’t a designer or a creative. You can submit your small business page as well. Please, don’t take it personally if your profile doesn’t make it into a video! It’s okay to resubmit your Instagram later on (it could be that you didn’t meet one of the above requirements or your Insta is good enough 🙂 )

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