No Excuse Branding Bootcamp

Build a platform for your brand in 16 steps.

No more courses. No more excuses.

Execution, organisation and structure. A 16 step checklist with everything you need to start building processes, systems, brand and marketing strategies to support your business’ growth and creativity. From strategy to design. 

brand strategy course

Business plans are old things now.

Maybe you are starting a business, or maybe you already have one...

Or maybe, you are like me and you facilitate strategy for a client’s business. Business gurus tell you: Get a business plan! They aren’t wrong, but there’s also a better way. But unless you’re pitching to investors, that business plan will get thrown to the back burner.

During the process of setting your business up, I guarantee you have come across a “branding vs marketing” type of blog post, haven’t you?

It confused the hell out of me when I set my first business up — actually, the business advisor I had asked me what I was going to focus on first… I remember feeling overwhelmed. Instinctively, I sat and wrote down everything I knew about the subjects to understand how they related to each other, and if that “vs” thing really was it. It didn’t make sense to me. This was a bit over 10 years ago.

Well, that was the first iteration of what today is “NEBB”, and here we are with a process that gets you started with the basics of all of the three. You can’t have a brand without marketing it, and what’s the point if you don’t know the steps of developing the business properly?

Good news is... It's easier to execute than a course

Initially, this was supposed to be a course. I even started to record lessons. In my heart, I knew that’s not what people needed. I’m joking, I did a survey with my audience and people who have previously bought my products or worked with me, on Instagram DMs. The checklist format seemed proper since a lot of people struggled with the steps of branding (some didn’t even know what strategy really was…), putting processes together, nailing down a method, marketing… 

This format will help you navigate the process of building your brand easier and faster than any course out there. You can maximise the efficiency of the process this way. You don’t have to figure out what pieces of the puzzle to put where… and when.

It’s just…

The pacing for the Bootcamp is according to your discretion. It also depends what you already have setup. For example, on The “Online Real Estate” section you might already have a website setup, but get a few ideas for improving or implementing.

Tick and go.

A central dashboard to keep you going... Indefinitely.

The central brand, marketing, and business dashboard are built as a platform as you progress on the checklist. The prepared based will put you light years ahead on your brand, business, and product (or service)’s development. No more jumbled ideas. No more not knowing what to develop next. No more not knowing how to create buzz for your biz.

Adapt to your vision and style of work.

You might wonder: but how can that apply to my business? Easy. I give you the steps, you fill in it with the correct information. There will be prompts as well to help you make the best decision possible. This means you can also visualise some of the boards in different formats and styles, take things out, put things in.

You may prefer visualising the tasks on a timeline view, a “Trello” like board, or a simple list, the process adapts itself automagically thanks to Notion features. The timeline view helps you visualise the estimate duration of each phase, as well as the order and how they might overlap with another. However, if you prefer to tackle it per department, on your own timing, you simply change the view. You can focus on what’s right in front of you on your own time and style.

Ready to go templates. A malleable cookie cutter.

You might once felt confused about processes, and you didn’t know where to start… And no one seems to explain, right? How do you build processes? How does it tie with the brand? Why does it matter in the first place? Building processes that are repeatable is key in creating a successful business and brand that will not depend on you forever, that you can scale and delegate. Product development. Marketing funnels. Brand communication elements… Faster to develop, easier to delegate. Future proof. Learn by doing at its finest.

By the time you plan a strategy, it’s probably too old. Centralising your processes helps you test faster, fail early (and therefore less expensively) and learn what will put your biz forward.

You follow the check list items and the instructions from the course page, and boom. After that, it’s day-to-day operations.

Example of the flow:

dependable process

Pro tips, quick and sweet.

Insights and execution tips collected over 15 years to help you speed up your work and stop the overthinking that is bound to occur (it happens with everyone).


Perfect for personal and small business brands

Works for any kind of business: physical products, digital products, services... You follow the prompts and adapt the process to your needs. The core is the same.


Resources gallore. Seriously.

The best free and low cost resources to eliminate friction, doubts, and procrastination. And of course, excuses. From strategic and analytical tools to design tools.

Mobile app

Work from anywhere

You can work on your marketing, business and brand from anywhere, at any time. The dashboard is based on Notion, a free app, which is what I use for my projects, clients and businesses.

Brand strategy, business development, marketing... No more "Branding vs marketing"

Raise your hand if you ever heard someone tell that branding was the most important part of your business. Or wait, marketing. No, no, no, sales. The truth is, none of that alone will get your business anywhere in the long run. You need to start with a basic of each department so you can properly scale.

It makes no sense to me a business owner wouldn’t choose to start marketing their business, developing their growth and building their brand equity out off the bat if they could. They just don’t know how to focus and what piece to lay down at what time.

It’s more than just finding who your ideal client is, developing a service and paying for some ads, or putting a billboard up, getting a logo done… it’s how these things (touchpoints) work together in the long term and how you are able to develop them in synergy.

This is what this Bootcamp is about. Synergy.

  1. Execute a self analysis
  2. Research
  3. Gain knowledge on your audience and ideal clients
  4. Plan your marketing strategies
  5. Develop an online real estate
  6. Outline and execute on your brand’s identity (visual and otherwise)
  7. Launch products and services according to your customer’s needs and dreams
  8. Develop new products and services according to feedback
  9. Go back to 1

Being able to focus on execution and results...

Let’s be honest, all of this stuff is confusing. When I started my career in branding strategically 8 years ago, I wasn’t focused at all, and I wasn’t focused on getting results for my clients, not initially. Because that’s what I learned in University. But I always knew there was something more.

Mostly because I lacked a method and a focus, and it was the classic one for me as it is for everyone else: who is my ideal client and how can I position my brand with confidence? How do you do that without feeling like an impostor?

By simply… doing it. There’s no other way forward than taking the first step.

No more "I don't have time for this"

Have you found yourself not having an idea how to get started with a part of your business? Then you get paralysed by all of these different inputs telling you that one path is better than the other. “Focus on visitors for the blog. No wait, Instagram. But I have to sell!” At the end of the day, you are confused, your business isn’t going nowhere, people are not listening, your products are not being bought. 

Or maybe you think you don’t have the time or energy to get a running business organised.

But then, nothing happens.

And, as nothing happens, you continue feeling like an impostor.

That’s you then.

Lifetime access

Once you copy the checklist and dashboard, it's yours forever.

Video demos

For each step and page within the dashboard.

On page support

Ask questions exactly on the part of the process you aren't clear on.

PDF Downloads

Just in case you don't want to use Notion (I don't know why you wouldn't, it's free).

Free updates

Any betterments and updates done to the platform, for free for 1 year.

How does it work?

1. Start with with the checklist

The Notion based dashboard has a checklist front and center which you can view either in a timeline, list or board layout (however you prefer and work with best). Because it’s in order of execution, you will be able to focus only on the task ahead. You throw a dart, not a spoon with sauce at the board. The Checklist will help you populate your dashboard, and give you what you need to start marketing your products and services, and help you focus on the metrics that matter to you and your business’ growth.

2. Organise the dashboard base after you are done

I can’t stress enough how crucial it is for you to have a “base” for your business where you can follow metrics, results, OKRs, and KPIs, dump ideas, develop your products (and services), your brand, your communications… Thanks to the nature of Notion, you will be able to reorganise and add on top of the platform you build after following the checklist easily, because the hardest part is done. For example, under “Marketing”, you might want to add a CRM with a list of clients or collaborators for your business, and under “Business” you might want to add an onboarding page for when you start hiring.

3. Video lessons for each dashboard page and steps

Every part of the dashboard is explained with key knowledge that you need in order to execute the listed tasks so you don’t get lost on what’s there. I also explain each board to those not so familiar with Notion yet.

Masterclasses to speed up your progress

Not only you get the full step by step, you will also learn how to execute some practical parts of the process, such as building your website — without knowing code. 


Get your business ahead.

Honestly, this is the same process that generates millions for my clients. I use the exact same dashboard. 

Get a free mug! Free shipping included.

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One time 327€ 147€

→ Get the checklist, dashboard, PDFs and extra lessons immediately after purchase.

Who's the author

Brand and launch strategist

I’m a Brazilian – Italian living in Finland, helping businesses strategically with the fusion of marketing, branding, and business development. 

During my early brand design days I felt like there was a gap in my knowledge. Few years later, I heard Gary Vee saying “document, don’t create”, which prompt me to write a literal document on everything I knew thus far. The moment I reread and analysed all of that I was able to see the gap between what designers say vs what marketers say… My goal then became to close that gap. And this is the by product.

I’ve been building strategic development dashboards for my clients for about 8 years, and I’ve been in the branding market since I was 13 (yep).

Questions you might have

Notion is a great app for processes and productivity: and this is one of they key pillars of business.

I use Notion to manage both my strategic business (this one), my experts’ businesses, and my two businesses with my mom. Because Notion offers such great connection between blocks and tables, it’s really easy to keep everything in sync and organised, which makes managing our own businesses a breeze.

And yes, Notion is free!

Let’s be honest, for most things you can just Google and the information is there for free. I was initially going to offer this as a course.

My mom and I have a business together and we did an immersion with one of the biggest ERP companies CEO Cláudio Najason, and I realized I had something in my hands that would be a lot more valuable for people than another branding course.

I had my process validated during that immersion, and decided it was time to share with world.

Yes! The foundation is the same for service businesses.

Yes! This is perfect for physical products. In fact, I use this with my product based business.

Absolutely! I use this structure with my clients. All you have to make sure is to create new copies of the template for each client from the link you get in the backend of the Bootcamp.

Imagine if a farmer needed guarantees of the weather to be able to pant their seeds. There are many risks: pests, drought, earthquakes, seed quality… The only variables he can control is the preparation of the soil, planting of seeds, watering systems, fertilisation, using helpful microorganisms to make the crops safe… He has no guarantees on the quality of the produce, the weather, and whether or not there will be pests.

But he still shows up.

Running a business always have risks. But, we want to make the process easier for you to execute. If you buy the checklist but don’t execute, test, fail and correct, it will be useless. You might as well not buy it, this isn’t a game: it’s better that you spend 5 minutes a day working than not working at all. 

Yes! You can add people to any page in Notion. Just click on “Share” and add their email.

You can ask questions on the topic page related to area of the dashboard or checklist, it’s the fastest way to get your questions answered and other people can interact with it too! Or, you can reach out to me on Instagram and the chat button on the website.

No, you can’t hire me, I am exclusive to my business to my mom and one more expert. 

One thing I believe, you have to be the one to do the marketing of your business.

Think about it: no one wants to be responsible for their own marketing, that isn’t taught in school. Architects, dentists, doctors, small business owners, veterinarians.

Here’s what people think: I will spend years studying my area and industry so I can offer something differentiated. So good, people will come and knock on my door.

That’s what we call hope marketing. 

The hope their current clients will recommend them to their friends and family. 

And that’s exactly why they need marketing.

And then they think: let me hire an agency.

While there’s nothing with an agency, I know there will be doing what it’s told to them and not exactly what’s best for the brand, or even help them develop it. That’s because building a brand, just like a marriage. You have to work on it everyday.

It’s a lot better to have a foundation and a process which you can then handle to a future collaborator or even a marketing person in your team.

When you hire an agency, the vast majority, will have a set of things that work for “everyone” and aren’t always tailored to your story and your product development.

They don’t know you. They don’t know your audience. They don’t know your company. They use the same cookie cutter templates and words of effect. Can it drive results? Yes. 

Will it drive the same results if it starts in house?


I once had an one hour conversation with a former manager of Coca Cola Amitil. I was doing a research on agency business models, because I felt like there was a gap in what agencies and studios were offering. 

I asked him: what do you wish creatives and marketing agencies knew?

And he told me: “We wish they knew that businesses are an operation and have other needs other than design. Things need to work in connection with our business strategy.”

And that’s when the keys turned for me.

Yes! Surrounded with the most relevant aspects of marketing and business development.

Brand strategy’s peculiarity is this: it englobes parts of the business that a strategist might not always be paying attention to (especially the “new” brand strategists): marketing and business development strategies.

You really can’t execute brand strategy without knowing some aspects of the  both other areas.

Yes! All you have to do is duplicate the template in another workspace in your Notion account.

© The Julia Braga – The Branding Girl : tmi FI27912093


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