No Excuse Branding Bootcamp

Read this if you think working on your brand is hard and super technical

(psst: you ONLY need 16 checklists and a platform).​

Gain clarity to build a business you love running… for the life you want to live for. No more excuses: follow the 16 checklists, build a structure for your business and start reaching your goals with strategy today.

A simple to follow checklist bundle that will build your business a full brand, marketing, and business development dashboard.


When I started this journey of running a business online about 6 years ago, I struggled with not being able to focus my energy and attention to tasks that helped me grow.

Instead I was doing “everything” I could — or it felt like it, but going nowhere.

I wasn’t doing the one thing I had to. And I knew it.

I stopped on my tracks when I realized something was missing and what I could do about it.

I took the crazy train and wrote everything that I knew down, step by step. From all my branding knowledge, to my marketing and business dev knowledge (things I learned from my mom, who’s an entrepreneur herself).

The rest is history. That 80.000 word document became a series of swipe files, and then later, checklists, that I have since then used internally. Swipe files and checklists were the best we could do until Notion came along.



The no excuse branding bootcamp

A step by step checklist for you to kill it with your business, brand and marketing

Not another course. A checklist.

Wow. LOTS of content, and all of it actionable. This is fantastic.

The time has arrived for you to stop struggling with marketing your business

If anything, the pandemic has shown us how powerful digital can be for the growth of a business — when used correctly.

Those that didn’t embrace interconnectivity, didn’t survive the pressure. 

Most are doing just that, surviving. Thriving is a whole different thing.

This Bootcamp brings you this: interconnectivity between your personal development, marketing, business, and branding efforts. As it should be.


“I don’t see how this fits my specific situation 🤔…”

Well, hang on. Today, I’m here with a much simpler, tested, adaptable and repeatable process. 

After a decade of working with clients across industries as a brand strategist (and about 3 of those as a marketing strategist as well), I was able to identify a few key issues (or struggles, if you will):

This process tackles the very foundation of business and brand building.  Because of the way it’s built, you can adapt it to your industry and business type easily with the prompts.


The value is insane, because you know, even though we KNOW how to do it, having a clear dashboard with everything organized helps a LOT. As I said, exactly what I needed

Industries that have benefited from NEBB


This will NOT serve you if...

Then, and trust me, only then, this Bootcamp isn’t really for you. In all other cases, this is 100% for you.

I have honestly never seen anyone with something similar. 

The repeatable and adaptable part is partially thanks to Notion: the way the FREE program works is by using and sometimes reusing the “blocks” (bits of information you add). The other part is how I view strategy in a business. 

Strategy is execution. And execution is at the heart of my method: nothing frustrates me more than seeing people stuck with a plan on a PDF file that they can’t or don’t know how to execute.

The way this process works,
in a nutshell:


❗️This is all on your OWN pacing and using free (or cheaper) tools❗️

Research and development

This part of the process has 7 checklists:

Midway checkup

A pause to reflect on your work so far. A few prompts for you to learn how to self check decisions.

Creative work

Taking brand photos, videos, designing your logo, creating your website (no, no YIKES!) ... All with free tools or nearly recommended tools. This part will have 4 main checklists:


even if you’re non technical!


Marketing and launches

Once you've got everything settled, we will go over what you need to setup to get your marketing going, how to prepare Seed Launches, direct sales, and internal launch campaigns.

💥 your brand, marketing and business development admin are now interconnected

👉🏻 This means you can easily change anything without suffering on execution and speed

Lifetime access

That's right. For-evah access to all updates and bonuses.

Video explanation

In all steps and pages to help you get familiarized and going.

On page support

If by any venture you get stuck, pop a comment and I reply!

PDF downloads

Just in case, you know.

Free updates

Full access to all platform updates. Forever as well.



“But, Julia, I struggle with focus and procrastination, I’m not sure I can do this 😩”

You need more action and less courses.


You’re likely procrastinating because...


Thank you!! Tbh I feel you need to name this bootcamp "Put your shit together" cus now I know where exactly to start 😂😂

You can finally feel like you know enough to start executing what really will put your business forward.

But here’s a warning: if you’re afraid of a bit of a challenge, you shouldn’t be in business in the first place. The process is simple but it requires dedication nevertheless (as anything in life worth having, let’s be honest).

The key is in the foundation of this process, the most important part of your business: you.

In order to create these “swipe files”, I had to prompt myself some hard questions. Such as: how does this product help my ideal customer? What are their biggest fears? A lot of people brush over these founding questions. 

Today, I call it The Self Analysis. I go through that self analysis now and then to realign myself with my purpose and get back on track. For you, this means understanding the core of the process, and adding your preferred business model into the mix.

This is just the start of the action.

In fact, some people procrastinate because they feel they aren’t ready or don’t know enough 🥲. So much waste of potential.

This Self Analysis is the foundation for even all the copy (sales text) you will create for your business from that point on. It’s that powerful.

You will also figure out if what you’re doing is authentic to you and your market. I’ve had students realize they had a lot more potential than they first believed in!

What this foundation brings you is:

Structured action is the key for your personal and your business’ success. And these two things are aligned!

“I’m so lost with my brand, I don’t even see a way out. I don’t know what to do first so I don’t do anything 🥴”

Realigning with your purpose is a lot easier now 😌

You will figure out that what you’re doing is authentic to you and your market. I’ve had students realize they had a lot more potential than they first believed in! Imagine knowing 100% that what you’re doing will help you grow and scale your business.

That you’re in the right direction.

Like Dave, who, despite working with companies such as Amazon, Uber, Panasonic, still let the imposter syndrome kick in. It wasn’t until The Self Analysis that his view of his work’s impact changed to a more strategic approach — of course, significantly affecting his business (probably not allowed to say, but he closed a deal with a certain big camera maker just 2 weeks after his motion to a new direction started).

I saw his energy and passion transform. This is what we do here.

I find it fascinating what structure and processes like these can do to one’s creativity. Creativity isn’t chaos, it’s actually very much structured and processed. The creative who isn’t structured isn’t capable of doing anything or putting anything into fruition. They, well, procrastinate.

Every business owner needs to exercise both structure and creativity, and here, we got it all.


Challenge yourself with creating a business and brand you and your customers just 💖

The second challenge is to figure out how to place that energy methodically, so that you can transform people’s lives with what you do and your unique set of skills.

Without a clear method, you’re just another fish in the sea 🎣

When I talk about methods, I think of my 80.000 pages process document because it’s when I realized I had something incredible to pass on. For you, it can simply be how you run your business, especially for those with physical products.

Most people I talk to have now idea what their method is.

This Bootcamp is my method. It’s the exact template I use to run my businesses (it’s 3 in total) and my expert’s business. This method is responsible for millions in sales. 

You 100% have a method, you just don’t know it yet. The problem is that you haven’t been able to put it together because nobody told you that you had to, and you don’t have a guide.

But why have a clear, delineated method? What if you sell a physical product (or a mix)?

Having a method makes you special and helps you stand out from others. Your method, your way of editing videos, creating jewelry, drawing, painting, packaging your ecommerce orders, working with artists… It’s yours and unique. And that’s what people want. That’s where authenticity lies.


Having a method allows you to constantly innovate and improve your workflow. But, if you don’t have that ready to be amended and worked on, you will probably remain stuck for a long time, like my mom was before I took over. How do you think Apple innovates? If you look closely, you will see how structured they really are (otherwise they wouldn’t be worth literal trillions).

A method makes what you do more transferable. Have you ever been in a class where the teacher just didn’t seem to have it together, or didn’t feel prepared? Shocker, but in my Design school in Finland, that’s what happened. How did we, the students, react? We didn’t complete assignments, didn’t show up, didn’t care. You don’t want that for your business, right?


Btw I was on the product part this morning, this is really amazing. Loving how everything is connected. The funnel part! That is related to key products and services, it's sooooo organized. [sic]

You need a platform: not jumbled ideas.

Trello boards, documents everywhere, nothing connects. Your marketing seems not to fit with your product development and the brand voice and identity is just not quite right, sales are less than ideal and…


This ends now. You’re likely overthinking pieces of the process and putting the horses at the back of the carriage. I don’t blame you for that. Remember what I told you that I had to stop too? Now it’s your turn. 

There’re a few case scenarios:


Case 1

You've been doing this for a while

In this case, you’re likely trapped in your old habits and you don’t even know how to get started with changing or how you got there. You can’t point to what isn’t working. You feel somewhat stuck. The world is changing but you don’t seem to follow along properly.

You can follow this process to catch up and see how you can improve your business

👉🏻 this is (was) my mom’s case, in the 2 of the other 3 businesses I have. Luckily she has me!


Case 2

You’re trying to grow a relatively new business

You have no idea how to start delegating, or maybe you have a few hires. BUT you’re struggling creating processes, getting people onboard, keeping things aligned from within to without the company. You are tired of juggling all of the roles, and you are afraid others will not hold up to the same standards as you. Your brand needs work (probably your website and your marketing as well.

You can follow this process to get your house in order and start doing what you’re supposed to: grow.


Case 3

You’re the new entrepreneur, figuring it all out

You have the passion, maybe the time, definitely the will, but you just seem overwhelmed with all you have to do. You don’t know if you brand first, market on Instagram (or another platform), reach out to potential clients, build your email list (how?), start a blog, make videos, take brand / product photos, organize your projects…

You can follow this process to get started with confidence and without feeling lost.

“Ok, i’m in! But what about positioning my brand? 🤔”

It’s what they say: if building a business was easy, everyone would do it. Positioning your company has nothing to do with fancy statement scripts gurus tell you. That’s marketing regurgitation they tell you to make you feel good and feel like you’re doing something. That is part of the process, however, just not the way that you think.

Positioning is about focus. Focus is to say no. You’ll learn what you will have to focus on.


 ——— Focus is to say no.

What you need is to use what you have, right now. Statements and such change, especially if you’re trying to build a personal brand.

I remember hiring a coach at the time I was creating “The document” and asking him: what’s my Unique selling point or my USP? He replied to me:

“I only realized my USP later once I started working with clients. It had come down to our market advantages (pricing, availability, etc) rather than something we wrote down in a paper.”


So, instead of having a plethora of jumbled statements that you change here and there when you feel like you’re not going anywhere… Wait, let me make you a proposal.

Trade your current confusion for 10m of action a day.

Taking small steps each day will help you conquer decision fatigue. Fatigue diminishes your impact. If you’re fatigued, guess where your business and brand are going?


10m of action a day. That’s what you need, at least. I know you will pick up pace as you go through the steps. It’s excuse proof. All the tools I recommend in the Bootcamp are free, and only a few are low cost.

Plus, most of the stuff you can do on your phone using Notion’s app or another phone app. Like taking photos and videos for your brand. Oh, you don’t know how? Wait till you see the bonuses. I will even teach you how to make your logo using your phone in literal 5m.

I want you out of the limbo by taking intentional action everyday. Seeing your project advance, little by little, will help you focus and give you an extra boost, an extra drive. 

Each step will feel like an accomplishment: and they are.


“Action is the step people forget when they wonder what happened to their dream.”

Build your brand and change your life forever.

For now, all I have told you about is how important focused action is important for growth. The transformation really happens at the self analysis level, but it has an effect throughout the process.

😨 Woa, woa, what was that last one?

Your story is a brand asset. That’s right. People get moved by what they see in others that they see in themselves. That’s the power of a great story. My mom always tells me how every single customer (yeah, it’s a 3 generation family business) remembers my grandmother who’s passed away. She talked to everyone, always told them stories, knew everyone by name, acknowledged them. That moves people.

Whether you’re starting out right now or you have been doing this for a long time (like my mom: over 40 years!), you have a story to tell.

“But what if I’m starting now and I have no story to tell? 🤨🧐”

Even if you’re starting out now, you have a story. You know what’s your story? The one you’re living in at that moment.

Documentation is your story. History needs to be documented, right? That’s the way the future generations know what happened and why we are where we are in the world.

After realizing your story, you will turn it into communication elements. Because this is business, and marketing isn’t a dirty word.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience. In the Bootcamp, there’s a part called “Elements of communication” that we will integrate with your day to day life, your past, the basic parts of your craft to the most advanced ones, and the limited beliefs your potential audience might have…

But, how does it all change your life?

The impact of this organization generates a level of creativity you will not have seen before: that’s because Notion plays a very specific role in all of this, and why no other platform would be a good fit. There has been research done that creativity is actually higher when there’s structure.

Notion plays the role of being your second, hyperlinked brain. Once everything that you hear, feel, want, dream of — and that of your client — becomes a written commitment on Notion, the power is in your hands.And because you can jot everything down easily where it belongs, you’re far more likely to create better and more informed solutions for your business. Strategy is execution, baby!

Your online real estate. 200x your sales.

It’s all good and dandy when it comes to organizing your business and developing your methods and products to go along. 

But now we need to get your business seen. And, if the p4andemic didn’t make that obvious yet: the internet is a powerful tool for that.

Even if what you’re doing is local. 

Even if you sell physical products. 

You don’t have to be selling services (you’re probably doing that wrong too) or digital products to make sales online.

Your online real estate opens the doors for creativity within your business. The problem is, the way I see it, people are just too stuck in doing what others are doing instead of going against the grain.

Your online real estate will always be one of the major tools to get your business seen. And, because your business gets seen, it also means it will grow.

In that part of the process, we organize the elements of communication, your process, the analysis, and all the research into elements you will use to build copy for your website, email, social media, and even presentations that you might do for clients.

The elements of communication are bits of your knowledge separated by category. This knowledge might be overlooked by you — we call this the expert bies — but your customer might be interested in knowing more.  Because this whole board is connected, you will be able to plug elements from one board to another, making your workflow streamlined. 

The secret weapon: customer attention.

I mentioned that my grandmother is remembered by clients, and their children, and their children’s children. 

That’s because she gave them attention when they visited our physical shop. The digital world is no different. 

I gave you a breakdown of 3/16 of everything you will get from the process. Is there more? Yeah. 

How do I know that this is the only solution you need? Because you probably already know everything you need to know — or you need to get everything in one place to get started. You need step by step.

How is your marketing and business development connected, you ask? 

Let’s say you have a product idea. You go through the analysis process, you sigh deeply and you feel excited because you passed the questionnaire (I will prompt you a few daring questions). 

Now, you need to figure out how to make that product and market it, and how it fits your overall business model.


Your product and service are more than just cashflow tools, they are strategic.

But for that strategy to work, you need, guess what? Attention. And this is where the funnel structure part of the process comes in. 

A funnel helps you take your customer up a ladder (or down the funnel) step by step. Each product or service you release is a step, a part of their journey.

How you do it:

Sales without a funnel
Sales with a funnel

The thing is, in the Digital, you get the chance to almost double (it’s about 43% according to research) the sales of your main product when you structure a funnel that leads people to it. Now picture doing a funnel for each product (or collection)…

Usually, the bottom of the funnel (or the top of the ladder) is your main offer.

But, Jules, don’t people get tired climbing up the ladder?

Yes, but you also want to work with people who are potential customers, don’t you? 

Not everyone will go through each step of the funnel, but they will soak on it. Some people just have longer strides.

And don’t worry, even if you’re new to marketing, there are step by steps.

Let's talk bonuses.
4370€ worth of it.

Digitally delivered crashcourses and other bonuses for you.

worth 597€

Start with WordPress
Set up your website exactly the way listed on the checklists.

worth 297€

Logo design in 3h
Start off your brand with a DIY logo design... on your phone! Proper vector logos, done right in less than 3 hours.

worth 597€

Elementor crashcourse
Design your website without code with Elementor for WordPress. Start off with a basic theme and work from there!

worth 397€

Nebb's pre launch breakdown
Peep in the program's pre launch and how I got people to join early on!

worth 397€

Cartflows crashcourse
Build your funnels inside WordPress with Woocommerce and Cartflows using the no code editor, Elementor.
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worth 197€

Gestalt crashcourse
Use elements of Psychology to understand how to make things look good and balanced.
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worth 197€

Mobile video editing crashcourse
Editing videos doesn't have to be hard. We use the free app Capcut to edit videos, add captions and more... in our phones!
coming soon

And more being added all the time!


4370€ worth of bonuses + the Bootcamp can be yours today!

Lifetime access

That's right. For-evah access to all updates and bonuses.

Video explanation

In all steps and pages to help you get familiarized and going.

On page support

If by any venture you get stuck, pop a comment and I reply!

PDF downloads

Just in case, you know.

Free updates

Full access to all platform updates. Forever as well.

Still got questions?
Read up!

Notion is a great app for processes and productivity: and this is one of they key pillars of business.

I use Notion to manage both my strategic business (this one), my experts’ businesses, and my two businesses with my mom. Because Notion offers such great connection between blocks and tables, it’s really easy to keep everything in sync and organised, which makes managing our own businesses a breeze.

And yes, Notion is free!

I’m also a brand ambassador for Notion. That’s how fully I believe in it.

Let’s be honest, for most things you can just Google and the information is there for free. I was initially going to offer this as a course.

My mom and I have a business together and we did an immersion with one of the biggest ERP companies CEO Cláudio Najason, and I realized I had something in my hands that would be a lot more valuable for people than another branding course.

I had my process validated during that immersion, and decided it was time to share with world.

Yes! The foundation is the same for service businesses.

Yes! This is perfect for physical products. In fact, I use this with my product based business.

Absolutely! I use this structure with my clients. All you have to make sure is to create new copies of the template for each client from the link you get in the backend of the Bootcamp.

Imagine if a farmer needed guarantees of the weather to be able to pant their seeds. There are many risks: pests, drought, earthquakes, seed quality… The only variables he can control is the preparation of the soil, planting of seeds, watering systems, fertilisation, using helpful microorganisms to make the crops safe… He has no guarantees on the quality of the produce, the weather, and whether or not there will be pests.

But he still shows up.

Running a business always have risks. But, we want to make the process easier for you to execute. If you buy the checklist but don’t execute, test, fail and correct, it will be useless. You might as well not buy it, this isn’t a game: it’s better that you spend 5 minutes a day working than not working at all. 

Yes! You can add people to any page in Notion. Just click on “Share” and add their email.

You can ask questions on the topic page related to area of the dashboard or checklist, it’s the fastest way to get your questions answered and other people can interact with it too! Or, you can reach out to me on Instagram and the chat button on the website.

No, you can’t hire me, I am exclusive to my business to my mom and one more expert. 

One thing I believe, you have to be the one to do the marketing of your business.

Think about it: no one wants to be responsible for their own marketing, that isn’t taught in school. Architects, dentists, doctors, small business owners, veterinarians.

Here’s what people think: I will spend years studying my area and industry so I can offer something differentiated. So good, people will come and knock on my door.

That’s what we call hope marketing. 

The hope their current clients will recommend them to their friends and family. 

And that’s exactly why they need marketing.

And then they think: let me hire an agency.

While there’s nothing with an agency, I know there will be doing what it’s told to them and not exactly what’s best for the brand, or even help them develop it. That’s because building a brand, just like a marriage. You have to work on it everyday.

It’s a lot better to have a foundation and a process which you can then handle to a future collaborator or even a marketing person in your team.

When you hire an agency, the vast majority, will have a set of things that work for “everyone” and aren’t always tailored to your story and your product development.

They don’t know you. They don’t know your audience. They don’t know your company. They use the same cookie cutter templates and words of effect. Can it drive results? Yes. 

Will it drive the same results if it starts in house?


I once had an one hour conversation with a former manager of Coca Cola Amitil. I was doing a research on agency business models, because I felt like there was a gap in what agencies and studios were offering. 

I asked him: what do you wish creatives and marketing agencies knew?

And he told me: “We wish they knew that businesses are an operation and have other needs other than design. Things need to work in connection with our business strategy.”

And that’s when the keys turned for me.

Yes! Surrounded with the most relevant aspects of marketing and business development.

Brand strategy’s peculiarity is this: it englobes parts of the business that a strategist might not always be paying attention to (especially the “new” brand strategists): marketing and business development strategies.

You really can’t execute brand strategy without knowing some aspects of the  both other areas.

Yes! All you have to do is duplicate the template in another workspace in your Notion account.

Julia Braga

Brand and digital strategist

I’m a Brazilian – Italian living in Finland, helping businesses strategically with the fusion of marketing, branding, and business development.

During my early brand design days I felt like there was a gap in my knowledge. Few years later, I heard Gary Vee saying “document, don’t create”, which prompt me to write a literal document on everything I knew thus far. The moment I reread and analysed all of that I was able to see the gap between what designers say vs what marketers say… My goal then became to close that gap. And this is the by product.

I’ve been building strategic development dashboards for my clients for about 8 years, and I’ve been in the branding market since I was 13 (yep).

16 steps. No more courses, no more excuses. — No Excuse Branding Bootcamp Clone

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