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All you need is to focus on the right areas of your life and business in order to start your brand and launch your first ptoduct.

Excellent content of an author who reasons in a strategic and sensible way. Her knowledge passed through the e-book helped me to identify mistakes and red flags inside my business, then I was finally able to come up with new solutions and strategies in order to rebuild from scratch – for the first time confident and certain of what to do, who and where Im willing to reach. Thanks for making available to us a part of your enormous knowledge so directly and intelligibly.
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Let's descomplicate everything

When I first started working by myself, I struggled with understanding how to have synergy between the marketing and the way to attract and communicate with my clients. I then realised I was complicating things.


The mindset is the key.

The mindset of strategy is the key, and it often feels unnecessary to even consider it. When I started, I knew what I had to become, but I didn't know how. It took me years to finally understand the steps necessary.


Let's clear the fog

If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of content and information around brand strategy, time to dip your toes. This is a safe start for entrepreneurs, start ups, and even aspiring strategists to start understanding the concept.


Your first exercises

You can jump straight away into action by completing the worksheets and getting your messaging kickstarted. This is perfect for that initial branding investment you aren't sure about. Besides the ebook, you will get a special Expansion with 13 worksheets.

Not ready to pay 15k on a brand strategy workshop?

I will not lie to you. Brand strategy is important, and it’s not a common place for most small business owners or start ups…

Well, I know you might be at a stage where you are either learning strategy to apply on your business or because you aspire to be a strategist. And brand strategy workshops are expensive, they take long, and are best done with a team because the execution is often brutal.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t start somewhere.

It's ok if you don't know where to start.

In order to get anything you want  in your personal or business life you will need 4 things:

  1. Clarity
  2. A map (a plan, a strategy etc)
  3. Execution
  4. Consistency

With strategy, as you’d have guessed, it is not any different. You need all 4. The major problem I’ve found is that most people stop at 1! Yep!

There’s two types of people: those who say they don’t know what they want and never move (stuck at gaining clarity) and those that have no clarity but execute haphazardly. I want you to be neither of these people. Gaining clarity of your brand’s problem is step 1, but it doesn’t stop there.

Frequently asked questions

This eBook is for small business owners, solopreneurs, and even other brand strategists. 

  1. About The Author
  2. Intro
  3. You aren’t the point.
  4. The benefits of strategy for your business
  5. Some rules of the human mind
  6. Selling the ticket to Rome
  7. The first step to a successful strategy
  8. Navigating information
  9. Defining the solution
  10. Defining attributes and benefits
  11. Understanding Positioning
  12. Client Profiles
  13. Touchpoints
  14. Creating a communication strategy
  15. Define the objectives of the strategy
  16. Setting KPIs
  17. Strategic Approach
  18. The Launch: How to prepare a launch campaign
  19. Pre pre launch
  20. Pre launch
  21. Launch
  22. Post Launch
  23. How to measure the success of your strategy
  24. How strategies fail
  25. Tools that make your life easier
  26. Custom site + landing page combo
  27. Downloadable Products, courses and more
  28. The admin and project organization
  29. Making billing easier
    Books to read

You will receive:

  1. an ePub (to open with most mobile readers)
  2. a .PDF (that you can print or send to your kindle)
  3. a .zip file with the worksheets

No, but that’s in the works!

As many times as needed. There are no limits.

 Send me an email to [email protected] with your feedback and / or question, and I will update to make sure it covers your concern. You receive the update for free, of course.

No! Absolutely not.

Head over to Downloads (make sure to login) and you will find it there.

You can also reply to your purchase ticket email asking about it, mail me at [email protected], or send a Whatsapp message to ‪+358 44 9439262‬.

Make sure to include your email and/or your order number so I can help you faster.

I LOVE hearing from you. You can send a written, spoken, or video (love those) to my Whatsapp +358 44 9439262‬. Let me know as well in written format if I can reproduce your testimonial.

Mail me at [email protected], Whatsapp me +358 44 9439262‬ or drop a message on Instagram @thejuliabraga.

I welcome updates and suggestions!

There’s only one occasion in which I will be able to refund the purchase, which is when you can’t download your ebook for some reason. I can check the amount of times a file has been downloaded in the admin area.

I can’t “undownload” a digital file, so what I normally do is send an immediate drive link and test your user account to make sure you have access in the future.


please, make sure to read Terms and Conditions.

Head over to this page. 

You can also use the flyout menu (the three lines on top right) in order to access your downloads, purchases, and courses.

If you encounter any issues, you can either message me on Instagram @thejuliabraga, Whatsapp me +358 44 9439262‬, mail me [email protected], or simply reply to your purchase email.

22nd December 2020: updated main ebook


  • update worksheets
  • include more information in chapters
  • print physical copies

about the author

Julia Braga

Brazilian living in Finland, she’s a brand and launch strategist at heart, and an awarded one. Obsessed with systems and creativity, learning about what makes people tick, cultures, and well, an obsessed plant mom as well. One of her current mission is to educate over 15.000 creatives and business owners on strategy, mindset, and business. Meanwhile, building her own lean launch agency while working with clients”. She is also a partner in her 4-decade, 3-generation family business and Brazil. 

“I was born to two entrepreneurial parents who are constantly bettering themselves. I truly believe creatives and small business owners can benefit from the same knowledge and mindset I’ve developed, it does takes time. And, well, a lot of courage.”

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