Strat It Up! Expansion

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This eBook is perfect if you have no idea what strategy is and you want to see if it’s for you.

Strategy is the big guy in the room in the grown up club. Meaning, it can be scary to embrace a deeper approach to branding through strategy. We created the eBook to help you through that leap: don’t feel lost anymore with the amount of information you need to gather, be more objective and understanding of your project.

Listen. Everybody wins in this game. When you apply strategy to your process, your clients get a much more engaging, creative and meaningful brand. You help a much better brand come to the world than what it otherwise could have been, and on top of that, get charged for thinking creatively. Who wouldn’t want that?

– Ever wanted to level your creative business by solving problems more effectively?
– Tired of clients self diagnosing their problems?
– Tired of clients not understanding why certain solution is better than their suggestion?

The Expansion comes with worksheets that you can apply to your process right away.

That’s why we created Strat It Up!, an eBook that will help you streamline your process BEFORE you start designing stuff. Start charging more for your work by solving the real problems your clients bring to the table.

Format: .ZIP (compressed), .PDF, .EPUB and .JPG (uncompressed)

You will NOT receive a physical copy.

Number of Pages: 39 (double column, equivalent of 122 on an ePub)

Expansion pack: 1 PDF (expansion), 1 ePub (original), 13 printable worksheets, 27 pages

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1 review for Strat It Up! Expansion

  1. Bruna Ballariny

    Excellent content of an autor who reasons in a strategic and sensible way. Her knowledge passed through the e-book helped me to identify mistakes and red flags inside my business then I was finally able to come up with new solutions and strategies in order to rebuild from scratch – for the first time confident and certain of what do do, who and where Im willing to reach. Thanks for making available to us a part of your enormous knowledge so directly and intelligibly.

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