Growing a business alone or with a team? Here's what we can do together.

Let's have your business reach more people

Audience > clients. An audience will help you build your brand on the market. An audience, of course, will eventually become clients but the benefit is long term. 

Becoming a thought leader in your field can drastically transform the perception of your business by potential clients and other industry leaders and put it on fast track to better deals and / or more sales. Just imagine being able to launch a new product to thousands of people at once, while at the same time building something greater that will impact people positively!

A digital strategy that integrates with your business and brand strategies is one of the most powerful tools currently. 

A strategy that fits your story

Because there’s nothing worse than committing to something you know you can’t constitently work on long term, right? The way we will build anything for you is by understanding your context, your current figures, and resource availabity.


The Process

Before we start a project, I need to get the context of your business and your goals. Then we will formulate a proposa, which will be the start of our engagement.
After we have identified the overall outlook of our process, we will have a workshop together with your team. In this workshop, we go through some exercises that will define the aspects that we identified as needing discussion. You will receive a resume of it all. The workshop can be hours or even days, depending on the size of your business. If you work alone, it's possible to do this workshop online. For teams and organizations, travel fees apply.
This is an internal process that me and my process will go through. We will research your market, the audience we define, and any other detail we have uncovered in the workshop. You will receive a presentation with the insights and data we retrieve. Extra research fees may apply.
Prototypes, or MVPs, are specially useful for digital and brand strategies. They allow us to deploy our tactics earlier and test the "ground" and the response of the actions we take before we invest all the resources into a final product. This can be, for example, an MVP website, or MVP product.
This is the fun and crucial part of the process: we proceed to execute the strategy and other in depth creative processes that my be involved.

Extra Benefits

Contingency Plans

Plan for the best, but be prepared if something goes wrong. This is specially crucial if we are doing product launches, collecting emails, getting payment from people, among other situations where you need a backup plan that needs to be fired up quickly

Risk assessment

To pair it up with the contigency plan, we will create a “escape route” in order to make sure things keep going for you. One of your team members got sick during a launch? No problem! We will know what to do, and who to put in charge of the task.

Notion Dashboard

Notion is a powerful tool that we advocate for bringing the power of wikis, Calendars, Excel files among other features. We will use Notion to centralize our processes together. You will get free premium months from us on top of what Notion offers you.


Objective and Key Results are crucial parts of any strategic process. We will set up the OKRs for you on Notion so we can make sure you adapt your processes as you go.

Immense WordPress Repertoire

WordPress still powers a large part of the internet. You will have access to our reportoire for free — themes and plugins — to get started with. We can also use another platform or your own if you prefer.

Real Time Updates on the progress

You will get access to your own dashboard within our Notion account to keep track of our progress.

Perfect for small established businesses

Brand Audits

From 15000 euros

Helps small businesses with their strategy, marketing, positioning problems, and review it’s effectiveness’s in the market. Helps businesses find their inconsistencies, weaknesses, as well as where to improve. We audit your brand across channels.

Perfect for small and medium
established businesses

Brand Strategy Sprint

From 33000 euros

A 6-10h workshop with your team to put your brand in line. Great for small businesses who need to bridge the communication gap between their brand and their audience, or who are struggling to grow one. Sets your positioning, social media strategy, content strategy, and email strategy in line.

Perfect for medium established businesses


From 75000 euros

Ready to launch a new product or service? Make it count with a launch strategy that will set your cart on fire. This process allows businesses to effectively set a pre launch, launch and a post launch to keep the product and brand relevant.

Need something custom?

Every business is unique, and so are their needs. Let me know if you need custom processes such as brand strategy and identity, content strategy, digital strategy. We can always work something out.