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What is the framework?

If you are a creative, being an entrepreneur might have come as a need, or as a dream for something larger than living pay-check to pay-check. I get it. I’ve been there too. But running a business is a challenge for right brainers, and naturally, those challenges aren’t something we are used to dealing with. Those challenges often spoil the beauty of making a life on your terms. But the good news is that for every work, there’s a frame we can work with.

This framework helps you with the following:

  1. Find the purpose of your work
  2. Help you overcome your self imposed difficulties
  3. Help you set goals that are exciting
  4. Find the right people you can help
  5. Find your ideal client
  6. Build an engaged audience
  7. Set up systems that will make your work more streamlined
  8. Help you set up a growth mindset to help you reach your goals (personal and professional)
  9. Help you manage your business operations and processes in an enjoyable way

How is it structured?

This framework is a massive thing, I’m not gonna lie. It’s not made for you to complete in a day, not at all. It’s a long process — afterall, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The framework has 5 Pillars, and each Pillar has a number of cores. Each Pillar is also an eBook full of concepts structured by the cores. Those cores each have a worksheet and a number of templates, audios, videos. You will get them in a similar format as to a course — only you can take it with you, print it, use it on your day to day, etc. It’s made for you to apply it right away without too much effort.

Explore the Pillars:

1A – Setting goals
1B – Adopting a new growth mindset
1C – What matters to you
1D – Intentional Mindeset
1E – Vision, Mission, Values
Bonus: Notion?!
Now Planner

2A – Finding your niche
2B – Alignment
2C – Growing an audience
2D: Attracting ideal clients

The Digital Media Circle – SITE – WordPress crash course (4h masterclass)

The Digital Media Circle – MAIL – Mailerlite (1:45h masterclass)


Bonus: Why creatives suck at business (I SAID IT)
3A – Profit first: pricing strategies
3B – Creative business trifecta
3C – Sales will never be comfortable again
3D – How to position your service and product

Bonus: ‘Systems’ isn’t just a fluffy word
4A – How to clarify priorities
4B – Plan, action, results!
4D – Setting up bank accounts and invoice systems
4E – Onboarding clients, collaborators, and employees
4F – Managing client relationships
4G – Nailing the legal aspects of a creative business
4H – Organising a business dashboard with Notion
Bonus: Business strategies: how they relate to your brand and marketing strategies

Bonus: Growth is always uncomfortable: taking over my family business
5A – Auditing your customer’s journey
5B – The customer isn’t always right and they don’t always know what they want
5C – Networking: it’s who you know, not what you know
5D – Sales and negotion
5E – Scaling a business
5F – Showing off your work and showing up
5G – Measure, measure, measure!
Bonus: growth strategies


"Is this for me?"

Well, see if you check the following “requirements”:

Of course, I’m a strategist, and I built this with designers in mind. However, any creative can apply this framework. The core principles are really business principles, and I have built this over the years as an entrepreneur. Here are some people I think that could benefit:

  • Strategists (of course)
  • Designers
  • Writers
  • Photo and Videographers
  • Bakers and Chefs
  • Marketers
  • Painters and Illustrators
  • Sculptor
  • Jewelry maker
  • Any creative that wants to work from home or have a firmer online presence

Content drip — to pace you out and give time to apply what you learn

The first Pillar of the framework is probably the hardest and most crucial to go through — it sets the precedents for your progress throughout the rest of the process. That’s why you will have 66 days to complete just the first part — the average amount of time it takes to set a new habit. 

The content dripping is intended to ease up your anxiety and break down the process better so you can actually go and do stuff as you learn. Each Pillar is enough for one whole course as it is, and I didn’t want to throw it all at you at once so you didn’t feel lost in the process or overwhelmed.

Strategic planning for creatives in a language you understand.

Learn the important bits of business strategy with a system that I’ve developed in 10 years of running my own businesses. You can’t run your business like a lemon stand. Talking the creative language, I will help you connect the dots allow you to take your creative business from meh to wow.

Author Spotlight

Julia Braga

Julia Braga

Awarded brand and digital strategist, she is the founder of the rising agency This Is Trøpica. She is also dedicated to teaching young creatives and entrepreneurs on resilient strategies that elevate their brands.

What you get

The Framework

The Framework is structured within a course, and the Pillars are accessible to you right away. You can also download videos, the eBook of each Pillar, audios, etc.


The Pillars have Cores, and each Core has a worksheet that complements it, helping you apply what you learned right away. Each worksheet has an interactive (allows you to write on screen) and print version.


Somethings are better heard over and over again until you fully understand it. Take it with you everywhere you want.


Presentations that you can watch to support your learning.

Templates and Planners

Notion templates, spreadsheet templates, doc templates, and planners to help you support your journey.

Free updates forever

Because no framework stays the same forever. So you get updates for free, including new worksheets, templates, audios, and videos as I develop and improve them.

Huge resource list

Of course, learning doesn't stop with the TCBSF. I've attached all the videos, books, podcasts, Instagram posts, and anything else that will support your learning at the end of each eBook and on a Notion database (that is kept updated).

Instant Digital downloads and access

Multiple file versions so that you can open your framework and the worksheets on iPad, Kindle, print them in color or even black and white, so you can consult and work with the framework everywhere at any time.

Support Facebook Group


The Facebook Group adds another layer of value to help you through the process of aligning your purpose with your business' goals. Have a win to share? Have a question? Difficult situation happening? Well, you aren't alone. Not at alll.

Download a FREE sample of the framework and 5 days of business tips

Not sure yet? No problem! Here’s a sneak peak to help you make a decision. Download starts immediately and you get a copy in your email.

The preview contains part of one chapter of Pillar 1 and part of one chapter of Pillar 2, and one worksheet from Pillar 1.

These tools are for life.

I created the framework with the idea of not limiting your access usage to the bulk of the content for the long term or add any obstacles for your progress. The downloads are designed for an extendable lifetime use. Even if the internet dies one day and we lose access to this site, you can ensure you will get the resources you need in the long term. Sure, you might not get the access to the course, but you can still keep the audios, videos, and pdfs, and of course, the Notion templates, in the order they are supposed to be consumed.

It was also designed to help you continously and in any occasion that you encounter. Let’s say that in 10 years you decide to open a totally different business. The framework still applies!

Interactive PDFs to make your process less painful so you can focus on GROWTH.

(In case you don’t want to print everything out)

Notion templates to help you set the new habits, manage your business, market plan, follow your finances...

(And sweet free credits for you to enjoy Notion fully and unlimited)

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