What the heck is strategy?


The misconceptions (aka some over simplifications)

Strategy isn’t discovery — which seems to be a popular opinion in the creative world. I’ve seen both young and seasoned brand designers make that very mistake. Discovery is just that: discovering. Discovering why the prospect feels like they have an issue. Discover whether they can palpate their business, discover their thought pattern, discover if you have synergy.

Strategy isn’t a questionnaire — and a questionnaire will also not solve a client’s problems. A questionnaire, in fact, is asking the client to do your work as a strategist without you. You are the one who should be voicing those questions, navigating the issue together with your client and educating them on areas they might be needing your help.

You write (and rewrite) the brief — same as above: if they knew 100% the problem they had, they wouldn’t need to hire you in the first place.

A strategy isn’t a goal — it starts with one goal or more.



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One strategy shouldn't be exlusive of other strategies

A business is a symbiotic system. Even in an one person setting, it isn’t comprised of just one moving part. Ignoring and not knowing what’s happening with all the areas of the business you are working with can be as dreadful as not facilitating a strategy correctly.


Strategy is a way of organizing resources.

Whether it’s time, money, or humans, understanding the resources of a business or a person will allow you to deploy more efficient and bespoke strategies that can be applied on the course of a longer time.

The difference between strategies is clear

Despite being being connected to each other, they all play different roles in a business. Explore by hovering on the icons below (on mobile it will just a be list).

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